Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Day 4 with My BFF Syrena

Today I had a ton of meetings. So I woke up, got a little dolled up in a simple black dress that I got at Bloomies added a gold belt from Banana Republic and the Jessica necklace from my new line and threw on my new favorite bag. Like I need to say it. I wore my leopard print shoes with the super-girlie bow because I really think they rock with the Syrena. Not sure why I have Smurf feet in the shoes picture...I also look a little crazy in the other ones. It's not easy taking pictures of yourself! At a lunch meeting at Delicatessen with a buyer, she admired my bag. Of course. I can't believe how many compliments I get on it. I love talking about Hayden-Harnett though. The company is so cool and the owners couldn't be lovelier. Plus they work on so many cool projects. I'm surprised at how many outfits I have that go with the Syrena which is good news since my other bag was so big it was giving my back pain! Did you ever notice that if your bag is large you just keep shoving everything in it? With this bag I have to pare down. I love it. Until tomorrow...



Blogger toni hacker said...

LOVE the necklace, sam!

8:49 PM  

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