Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 6! Kind of Late!

I think I'm in trouble. Though I've been carrying my favorite bag (The Syrena) every waking moment, I got caught up with work and parties and forgot to take some pictures. I'm back and I have a new lot for your perusal.
It has been seriously disgusting out as of late so I have to admit, not having to lug around a huge-mungoid bag was more than a little bit of awesome. Headed out to a cocktail party, I felt like being a bit summer-y so I grabbed my most disgustingly floral dress with a green ruffle and slid it on. I think it looks ultra cute in the pic-- though a bit blurry. Another case of sickeningly girly attire with a cool edge thrown in thanks to The Syrena. With said coupling I wore a pair or Christian Siriano nude peep toe pumps. I have to say this: I did the jewelry for his runway show for fashion Week and I fell in love with his shoes. Though his clothing (equally amazing) is a bit on the pricey side, his shoes are so not. After all was said and done he asked me if I wanted anything and I said: "Um, yes please! I'd like those shoes. Now please. Yes please. Yes, yes." So I enquired about the price and he said: "35" I thought $3,500 was a bit steep and said so. He laughed (in my face) and said: " No, honey. 35 dollars. I sell them at Payless." So ever since then I always go see what designer shoes they have at Payless. I freaking love them. For realzies. Get on it.
Right before I stepped out the door I grabbed the blue Gina necklace and draped it around my neck. I really must remember my jewelry! That's just silly.
I can't believe I only have 1 more day of this. It's been really fun and it really made me think about my wardrobe. Can I get The Syrena in like 4 other colors? Hello? Are you listening Hayden-Harnett?



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