Thursday, June 09, 2011

Syrena Rocks the Creative Community

Okay- I must admit that I am getting this in a tad late. But its been a busy day of shopping, schmoozing and fabulousing. Those are actual words...right? Of course they are! I left the studio in the wee hours of the day to go to the famous Le Book event which is the gathering of the most creative minds in the world and, well, I've just arrived home now. Down to the nitty gritty...I wore the cutest DVF dress with a cute pair of walkable black peep-toe pumps and, of course, the Syrena. I thought it looked cute as heck but you be the judge. Meanwhile, my friend Raquel (shown in the pic) tried to steal the thing right under my nose. Thank goodness I like you guuuuurl!



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