Monday, June 06, 2011

Warm Summer Nights- Day Three of Awesomeness.

Curious if the Syrena bag would work in the evening, I suited up in a cute blue cocktail dress that I got in a boutique on a trip to Miami, paired it with the cutest leopard print heels and threw it over my shoulder. It's not super blingy so it really tied the whole outfit together. Since my shoes were a print it worked beautifully. I honestly think anything other than the Syrena or a simple black clutch would be way too much. I'm obsessed with my all black Byte clutch from the Tron collection from Hayden Harnett. Plus the Syrena fits a lot more than your average clutch so you can carry a pair of fold-up flats in case your tootsies get weary. On my way out I added the new Madison necklace from my jewelry line. I'm creating a summer line and it's one of the newest designs. Loved it with this outfit!

I headed out for a dinner meeting with my photographer, Jeffery Jones. He's super talented, works for the best magazines and created all of the images on my web site. Check out his work here. We ate at the cutest mexican restaurant located on a back street on the lower east side. Impossible to find if you don't know where it is...and I promised not to tell. Lets just say that my meal was amazing and cost $3.50. Plus it was BYOB so we both got sufficiently sloshed and a good time was had by all. My friend Jody who owns Fusion Models joined us and fell in love with my handbag. I think she's going to get one. Or try to steal mine. Not happening cute stuff!

I wore my bag today at the DVF sample sale as well and because of the long chain strap I was able to sling it across my body while pushing the crazed shoppers aside to get to the good stuff. I don't have another bag that I can wear that way so it was kid of awesome. I got some good stuff too! Strangely I found myself subconsciously picking out things that would go with my new bag. I'm addicted! I think it's my favorite at this point.



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