Monday, August 29, 2011

Paint it Black

Wow. Wow. Wow.


We were gifted with a copy of 'Life' by Keith Richards and I've only recently started diving into this incredible bio.

I'm obsessed.

I can't sleep because I want to keep reading.
When I do sleep, I dream that I'm traveling with the Stones.

Keith is a really gifted storyteller. And this is one incredible story. From his memoirs of growing up in the UK to the early days of being obsessed with American Blues & Motown, living in squalor with Mick and the boys while they were getting their first gigs together in London, to stories of driving through Morocco and Spain while he and Anita Pallenberg fell for each other, each page just gets more interesting.

My favorite bits are actually where Keith talks about the inspiration behind certain songs...songs that I've always heard. Songs that are so good and part of the essential fabric of pop culture that you take them for granted. The Stones only make it sound easy.

Favorite new knowledge- Phil Spector played bass on 'Play with Fire' when they were laying the track and only half of the band was there. Just read it.



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