Friday, February 10, 2012

Behind the HH Scenes: The Inspiration Behind our New Kiki Frame Satchel

I'm beyond enthusiastic to introduce our gorgeous new Kiki Frame Satchel for Spring 12! The Kiki is pretty much my dream bag, and this style sums up so much of what I've always loved about vintage construction meeting clean modern lines. When you get the design mix of those two worlds just right, you can create powerful classics that work for everyone.

When I began sketching our Spring 12 line, I felt that a ladylike frame bag would be the perfect centerpiece to anchor the rest of the line around. I wanted to create a shape that was simple in approach, but to update it in beautiful colorblocked leathers and bold hardware details to modernize the look. Overall I wanted the end design to read very clean and streamlined, but rich in detail.

Finding great frames can be very difficult...most of what's on the market is too slim or far too fussy and ornate. When I found the perfect frame and chunky fliplock hardware components, the final design for the Kiki literally leapt into my mind. I paired up two of my favorite leather articles from Spring 12 to create the perfect colorblock effect that I was searching for. A glossy vintage patent in rich colors is used for the body. The trim is our new 'rustic pebble' leather in neutrals to help keep the color wearable. I love how the Kiki Frame Satchel opens magnificently wide, just like a vintage doctor's satchel. For a mid-size bag, the Kiki holds so much!

To me, real-time functionality is just as important as the beauty of the design or materials in every design that I create. I added an exterior zipper pocket with a cute tassel puller (even ladylike ladies need to keep their mobile handy). To make the Kiki extra user-friendly, I added a detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap. You can wear this beautiful bag in the hand, on the shoulder, or as a crossbody...whatever suits your mood, or your schedule, for the day.

That's the story of our new Kiki Frame Satchel, debuting for Spring 12, and I hope you love her as much as I do. She's quite the glamazon.




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